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Now is your chance to join the Fashion Design Incubator program- but only until the offer expires:


What Our Clients Say...

I can't believe it, someone wants to buy my design company! I actually have a bidding war. Thank you so much for teaching me how to sew and how to make patterns! I'm already thinking of my second business!
Lexi S.
Fashion Designer
You should warn people about what an Alice in Wonderland kind of rabbit hole it can be. I went from drafting my own bodice to recreating a Symington corset to fit me and from your skirt to the 19th century Keystone walking skirt!
Thank you!
I just finished drafting my front bodice, and you made some comment about math and it made me chuckle. Seriously, your videos are awesome! Not only for the commentary, but they are super helpful. I wouldn't have been able to draft the bodice without it... I tried.
Angela H.
I've saved so much time and stopped struggling making my patterns. Thank you for making this program!
OMG!!!! My business is exploding!!!! And I'm finally getting paid for my time and what I'm worth. Thank you so much for your inspiration!
Rebecca C.
I had some designs I previously drafted, but now I’m learning how to adjust for different sizes. Thank you, Rachel!
Belinda R.
Fashion Designer


We help our clients create their fashion design career, launch their products online, and build their audience for a sustainable business.


We’ve helped hundreds of people like you further their design goals and grow their skills.

The Incubator is a “do it together” program where we:

  • Create your online shop and platform
  • Create your first product that fits with your goals
  • Launch your products and make your first sales
 You’ll be in a group with other fashion designers, illustrators and fabric designers who want to design and launch their own fashion careers too, with online businesses that reach their ideal customers.
In the incubator, you’ll be on an accelerated path, filled with weekly deadlines and weekly calls and support from our team!
We personally review your designs (copy, product pages, sales pages, promos, etc) and give you feedback on everything from your idea, products, sales copy, your ads, etc so that you can be confident that your designs are ready to launch!
With our help, you will:
  • Design an online portfolio and shop that attracts your ideal clients and customers
  • Create your first sewing patterns and blocks for your ideal consumer
  • Create pdf sewing patterns that you can sell online in multiple ways
  • Design fabric patterns and get them printed for your own designs or to sell in your shop
  • Learn how to think like a designer and use our exact templates to shortcut your designs and success
  • Illustrate your own fashion designs and create unique croquis for your own brand
  • Find and sell to your ideal customers



You're a good fit if you're ready for a transformation, not just more information.

The Fashion Design Incubator is like no other online program you've experienced before.
It’s like Fashion Design Bootcamp, but on steroids. With a team to support you along the way. This is a “done with you” not a “do it yourself” program. You won’t be lost or left behind.

The Fashion Design Incubator is a 12 month program. We’re going to find out your goals, and help you level up and position yourself to achieve them. If we feel like you aren’t a good fit for the program, you will receive a full refund.

Our process is three main phases:

1. Creating your platform

2. Designing your products

3. Marketing to your audience


We work with a smaller group of designers and map out your plan to get you from where you are right now to your goal. Everyone receives their own personalized map. You’ll have tasks to complete to make sure you keep up and accountability to help you get the most of our time together.

We only open this up a few times a year, and we always have a wait list.

Why would you want to learn from us?

Well, we have degrees in Fashion Design and Production, Business Management and have run online businesses for over 10+ years. We manage international teams and have had our designs featured worldwide, while growing a global audience and teaching hundreds of students worldwide. Fashion is our passion. You’re in good hands and making the right decision letting us help you accomplish your goals.

Our business grew during the Pandemic, because it was based on the Framework we developed and teach in our program.

Save your spot in the program so we can work with you!

If you want high-level support and to be surrounded by other ambitious designers, we encourage you to apply. This is for serious designers (and aspiring designers) that are ready to take action NOW. If you think that’s you, we want to see your name pop up in our inbox.

Enroll Below!

Please enroll soon to secure your spot in the Incubator.

We are so excited to see you in the Incubator and work with you on your fashion design journey! We know you’ll be a good addition to the Fashion Design Incubator Program! 

We have limited spots available, and we loved your application!

Don’t forget to enroll before your time is up, we can’t keep the seat open forever.

Reach out to us if you have any more questions! We really want you to be able to make an informed decision. 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for hand-selected people that want to build a six-figure fashion design business. We only accept people we believe will excel in it

Nope! We’ll show you how to make patterns, give you templates for everything need. You don’t even need a website yet or following! We show you how to set up everything and get started designing and selling!

The program starts the day you enroll and ends in one year! Start the 90-day kickstart and go from there!

You can pay securely with Credit Card or Debit, through the Stripe option. Nothing is stored on our servers, everything is surely processed through them.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If we both decide the Incubator isn’t a good fit for you and you haven’t started the coaching calls, contact us in the first 14 days of enrollment and we will unenroll you and give you a refund.

The incubator is a 12 month program, with a 90-day kickstart. You have access to the full program for one year, which is plenty of time to go through everything and implement it. If you decide to stay with us after that we can renew your membership at the then current price.

The incubator is an investment in your business. You get a year’s worth of coaching and support to help you shortcut your success.

The full cost of tuition in an Art & Design school is $44,020 for a fashion degree. I condense the first two years of a fashion degree into this course. AND add in a business and marketing background ($38,000). This program is not taught anywhere else!! You will not only leap into Fashion Design but it will also help you see the areas that you should concentrate on to become a stronger designer. We’re showing you everything you need to build a six-figure business. This investment will more than pay for itself over the lifetime of your business. Many of our students stay on with us after a year. But you need to decide if you want to build a business that supports you and your goals.

This is the program I wish I had while I was trying to build my business. It cuts through the fluff and shows you exactly what you need to set yourself apart. You can skip the life lessons and struggles and start doing what works now! Use our templates to shortcut all the processes. We give you blueprints for EVERYTHING you need!

If you have 20 mins a day or a few hours a week, you can start building your fashion design business now. Just skip an episode on Netflix and login to your portal for 20 mins instead. I built my business during lunch breaks and for 1 hour every school night after the kids went to bed. Now I only spend 3-4 days a week on it.

You don’t have to come to every weekly coaching session. If you have a question, you can email us your burning question that week and we’ll get back to you. The sessions are if you want your questions answered live and to see what other questions or strategies the other incubator students have as well. You decide how often you want to get help. But we’re always here to help so you don’t get stuck.

Borrow our connections! We know all the best resources in the industry. We even run the biggest pdf pattern sale on the internet. So we know tons of people that like patterns and fashion. We’ll show you how to build your following, just like we did from scratch.

Even if you just implement one idea we show you, the incubator will pay for itself. We’ve run sales and made the price of this program back in less than 24 hours.

You get to decide how you want to customize your business and what you want to focus on. We help you implement them right the first time! The market NEEDS what you have to offer!

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