Start drafting your own sewing patterns even if you’ve never drafted a pattern before in your life and you’re a complete beginner!

Flat Patternmaking is the process of drafting specific sewing blocks that can be further manipulated to create any type of pattern from them.

You’re ready to bring your creations to life, but you have no idea where to start and don’t want to waste time trying to figure it all out on your own.



If any of these statements have you going, “What the heck is going on, get out of my head!?” then keep reading – you’re in the right place, lovely 🙂

No Prior Experience Required

This will work for you:

Even if you’re not a pattern maker.

Even if you don’t have any experience making sewing patterns before.

Even if you can’t fix fit issues right now.

Even if you don’t have much time.


wedding dress patternmaking

Now imagine what it would feel like when you sell your first custom design and can take your family out to a fancy dinner to celebrate your new skills!

Picture being able to take on custom design requests like wedding dresses that could be your entire month’s income (or 2 months) from one sale.

What would it feel like to know that you could create an entire custom wardrobe for yourself, your family and any clients that approach you – no matter what size they are?

Imagine selling your custom designs to your fans and knowing that you have a skill that most people don’t have, and that you can get work just through word of mouth.

Think about how your family and friends will be super impressed and how they’ll brag about your pattern making skills to everyone they know.

But you've heard the stories about patternmaking being hard and you're hesitant. You're asking yourself questions like...

  • What if my designs don’t fit and I don’t know how to fix them?
  • What happens if no one wants me to design for them and I can’t get any requests?
  • How will I ever be able to make custom patterns that fit someone that is truly one-of-a-kind and store-bought clothes NEVER fit them?
  • What if I’m horrible at designing and everything turns out wrong?
  • What if I’ve never designed before and don’t have time to go back to college to learn how?
  • How will I know that my designs are done and don’t need anymore fixing?
  • Can I really learn how to draft patterns that people want?
  • Is it even possible to design myself my own custom wardrobe?

I know there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you’re starting to draft patterns for the first time. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get discouraged and never end up finishing your first pattern. Without guidance and support, it can be tough to make any progress at all!

That’s why I’ve created my step by step course,

Flat Patternmaking Bootcamp.


An eight-week, online course where you’ll learn exactly how to create your first patterns, and walk away with pattern blocks that can be used to design ANY future pattern that you want (in any size, including custom sizing too).

I just watched all the videos available today. My dot paper arrives Wednesday and I can’t wait to put what I learned to the test!



  • You’re frustrated and limited to what patterns you can sew by what you can find in the stores.
  • You struggle getting a good fit for any pattern.
  • You don’t get to show off your creativity or sell your own designs.
  • You have to look for cottage licensed patterns to make items to sell from.
  • You’re lost about how to get started drafting.
  • You feel like you could be successful if only you knew how to get started.
  • You want to be able to draft patterns for yourself, your family and your friends.
  • You would love to be able to draft patterns like custom wedding dresses that sell for $2-6K each on the low-end and around $20k on the high end.


  • You’re making progress on your skills and don’t feel stuck anymore.
  • You feel confident with making patterns and you’re venturing out into harder designs.
  • You know how to fix fit issues, and you’re learning how to get a great fit from any pattern.
  • You can create custom sized patterns for ANY size.
  • You feel relieved to have taken that first step in believing you could do this.
  • You’re excited to continue drafting and sewing your own designs, so you can create wardrobes and costumes whenever you want.
  • Your family is proud of you and brags to everyone they know about your new skill.
  • You feel confident in advertising your services and working with others to help make their design dreams a reality with your skills.

 The Flat Patternmaking Bootcamp contains everything you need to quickly draft your first patterns.



Welcome to flat patternmaking. In this module you will understand all the basic tools and techniques that we use to draft patterns.

  • Welcome- Introduction to your course and how to get the most out of the Bootcamp.
  • Patternmaking Tools & Essentials- We go over everything you’ll use to draft your patterns and tools used in the industry. PDF included to help you take stock of your tools.
  • Dressform Landmarks- You’ll understand all the marks n the dressform and how to find them on people when drafting custom sizes.
  • Standard Measurements- Save a copy of the standard measurements chart for you to draft your patterns from. This is the same sizing that your favorite brands use.


In this module, you will learn how to take custom measurements for ANYONE, you’ll be given standard measurements that you can use to draft patterns if you don’t have a custom size in mind or you want to make commercial designs.

  • Custom Fitting- Intro to custom fitting patterns and how it’s different than standard sizing. Download the custom size chart to use on yourself or customers.
  • How to Take Custom Measurements- Our longest video in the course will answer ALL your questions and show you how to get a great fit when making a custom sized pattern. Follow along as we take our own measurements.


In this module, you’ll follow along over our shoulder and watch us draft the front bodice pattern. You can draft along with us. By the end of the module, you will have drafted your first pattern!

  • Intro to the Front Bodice- You’ll see what your finished pattern will look like and we’ll introduce your first pattern.
  • Drafting the Front Bodice- Download your PDF tutorial and follow along with the step-by-step video as you draft your first pattern. It’s easier than you think.


In this module, you’ll draft along with us and make your second pattern. By the end of this module, you would have finished the bodice pattern and have both the front and back pieces (if you completed the previous lesson). You now have the patterns you need to draft any tops, cardigans, jackets, swimsuits, bras, dresses and shirts that you want!

  • Intro to the Back Bodice- You’ll see what your finished pattern will look like and we’ll introduce your second pattern.
  • Drafting the Back Bodice- Download your PDF tutorial and follow along with the step-by-step video as you draft your second pattern.


In this module, you’ll draft the skirt pattern. You’ll draft them the quick and easy way like other industry professionals do. This will be the foundation for your pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, underwear and swimsuit bottoms.

  • Intro to the Skirt Draft- You’ll see what your finished pattern will look like and we’ll introduce your skirt pattern.
  • Drafting the Skirt Pieces- Download your PDF tutorial and follow along with the step-by-step video as you draft your skirt pattern the quick and easy way.


In this module, you’ll draft the sleeve pattern. This will be the foundation for any sleeve that you want… cap, half sleeve, dress shirt sleeve, jacket, petal, bubble,  etc. By the end of the module, you will have all the patterns you need to draft ANY pattern (if you finished the previous lessons).

  • Intro to the Sleeve- You’ll see what your finished sleeve will look like and we’ll introduce your last pattern.
  • Drafting the Sleeve Pattern- Download your PDF tutorial and follow along with the step-by-step video as you draft your sleeve pattern. It’ll be the last pattern you draft (and one of the easiest).


In this module, you’ll put together all of your pattern pieces and make your first muslin. By the end, you will have a muslin copy that you can test on. We help you through every step of making it,

  • Intro to Making the Muslin- You’ll learn what a muslin is and how you’ll create your first one.
  • Add the Seam Allowance- You’ll learn how to add seam allowances to all of the different seams, and how to get great fitting curves.
  • Making the Muslin- You’ll learn the best fabrics for making muslins and how to use fabrics you already have. We’ll go over the steps of putting your muslin together.


In this module, you will learn how to test the fit of your patterns before cutting into your nice fabric. This grow your skills in fitting patterns for anyone and know what to look for and how to fix fit issues, going forward. By the end of this module, your patterns will be fixed and ready to sew your final creation from. Think of it like a mini-crash course in tailoring and fitting.

  • Fitting the Bodice- You’ll learn how to fit the bodice for different sized bust cups (sizes included) and how to account for different bodice issues.
  • Fitting the Neckline- You’ll learn how to fix the neckline to get a great fit.
  • Fitting the Armhole- You’ll learn how to fix gaps and tightness in any part of the armhole.
  • Fitting the Skirt- You’ll learn how to fix the side seams, darts, hems and skirt issues.
  • Adjusting the Sleeve- You’ll learn how to fit the sleeve to the bicep and fit it nicely.


In this module, you will complete your pattern set. You’ll learn how to transfer your fixes to your patterns, copy them, make a master copy, and how to label them for your future designs. By the end of this module, you will have your master set of patterns that you can reuse over and over again to draft unlimited patterns from.

  • Intro to Manila Patterns-We’ll show you what your finished set will look like.
  • Trace Your Patterns- You’ll trace your fixed and fitted patterns, with several different methods to pick from.
  • True Your Patterns- You’ll “true up” your patterns and fix any lines you traced or made adjustments to.
  • Notch Your Patterns- You’ll learn how to notch your patterns with reference marks used in sewing and drafting.
  • Label Your Patterns- You’ll learn how to label your patterns for future use, and how to make sure your sewn garments turn out right.


We have a dance party and you get a special certificate just for you. I’ll also tell you what to do next now that you’re finished.

  • Congrats and next steps!
  • Download your own personalized certificate showing you completed the course and know how to draft patterns.
  • We have a legit dance party with you.

I managed to get my measurements. I love how real your own struggle was. Custom front bodice done. I’m probably a size 24, so I needed longer ‘help lines’ and in the beginning the shape seemed off. In the end it looks how it is supposed to look.



Bonus #1 - How to Price Your Designs

Don't sell yourself short! This Bonus Guide will help you get paid what you're worth. You'll be happy knowing that your time is getting compensated, and your customers will be happy knowing they're getting a great result. This guide will show you exactly how to price your designs and slowly raise your prices. Don't undersell yourself again.

Bonus #3- Fashion Croquis for Your Designs

Want to sketch your ideas quickly and plan out what to make next? These exclusive fashion croquis will help you get started illustrating quickly. Don't worry if you're not good at drawing faces, we've included
pre-sketched faces for you to use. You can uses these sketches to help show your ideas to potential clients too!

Bonus #2- The Top 10 Bestselling Patterns

Finished drafting your blocks and have no idea what to do next? Worry no more! This guide will show you 10 easy patterns you can make from your pattern blocks right now. These patterns are the most requested and bestselling garments that actually sell. Try your hand at them and start your design business now.

Bonus #4- Capsule Wardrobe Planner

Right now it's the perfect time to plan out what you want to draft and sew next! A lot of our students have gone on to create their own custom wardrobes. Use this guide to help you plan out your capsule wardrobe! It helps to have a clear visual plan for what you want to curate. You can also check off what you already have in your closet.

My business is exploding! Thank you for helping me price. I’m not underselling myself anymore and I’m finally getting paid for my time. Thank you!


Start Today!


10 modules of video lessons

Bonus #1- How to Price Your Designs

Bonus #2- The Top 10 Bestselling Patterns

Bonus #3- Fashion Croquis for your Designs

Bonus #4- Capsule Wardrobe Planner

Private Facebook Group


You can do this course from anywhere in the world, in your home, and on your own schedule.

Complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, in your jammies, as long as you have an internet connection! The entire program is digital so you can access it anywhere through your private course portal.

We understand life happens. If you need to pause and live your life, no worries, the lessons will be there when you get back, you don’t even have to ask. You don’t lose access to them if you can’t finish in the 8 weeks.

Enroll today in Flat Patternmaking Bootcamp.

Worried you don't have enough time to learn how to draft patterns?

Every one of our students is on their own journey. Whether you fly through it in the 8 weeks, or need to take a little longer, that's okay.

Some of our students have finished entire modules in one day, but we recommend setting aside 2-4 hours a week to go through the lessons.

Once you invest in the course, it's waiting for you in your course portal. You're able to access it on your own time and won't lose access to it.


Draft your designs

Be able to draft your own patterns! Your only limit is your imagination. You'll start by making the basic pattern blocks and we'll set you up to be able to draft just about ANY pattern you want!

Sew your own designs

Learn how to put your new patterns together and sew them! Including custom sizing or standard measurements (which we give you)!

Impress your friends

Fix common fit issues for sewing patterns. Impress your clients and family.

Save time

Stop struggling, and start designing. We make it easy to learn and implement. Watch me draft the same pattern as you, with easy to follow along videos. Pause when you need. Rewind if you need.

Office Hours for Q&A

Save time by learning from a pro and get your questions answered in our private FB group. Search for previously answered questions too!

Gain confidence

You'll be part of the course program with other new patternmakers so you can learn together. This is a lifelong skill you'll only improve in as you do it!

6 months from now you'll wish you started today...

There has never been a better time to start drafting patterns!

Why not start today instead of waiting 6 months (or a year) for enrollment to open again?

Starting now will allow you to:

  • Make custom patterns for yourself and clients
  • Grow your skills confidently and charge what you’re worth
  • Impress your family and friends with a skill very few people have
  • Grow your design and tailoring business

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are today, and 6 months from now you’ll wish you started today.

How do I know if I'm ready for this program?

You are ready to take this course if:

  • You want to draft patterns for yourself or your family.
  • You get requests from people to make something for them and you don’t feel confident yet to design on your own.
  • You are searching for a new marketable skill to learn, that you can take anywhere with you even if you move.
  • You’re interested in making a career out of patternmaking and designing.
  • You don’t have time to go back to a traditional college but want the same lessons and better outcome than a traditional school.
You are NOT ready to take this course if:
  • You are unwilling to learn new skills and practice those skills.
  • You don’t really have anything motivating you to make extra money or grow your business.
  •  You like to complain a lot and don’t want to try anything new.
  • You have zero interest in gaining a skill that is in high demand.
  • You don’t like getting new clients by word of mouth and from referrals from previous clients.
  • You don’t like the idea of selling a custom wedding dress for $6,000 to a client.

If You’re Ready to Level Up

This will work for you.

You know what brought you here. 

You know the desire in your heart that led you to learn how to draft patterns.

Whether it’s being able to make custom patterns for that family member (or yourself) that is hard to fit, or making a flexible career out of this that lets you choose your own hours.

Let us show you how.


You can keep trying to figure it all out on your own, mashing together patterns and watching random YouTube videos hoping to learn how to draft your own patterns eventually.


You could quickly learn how to draft patterns that fit right, create pattern blocks that you will use to draft ANY pattern, and start creating your own designs confidently in just a few weeks!

We've had complete beginners drafting their first pattern in the second week, much to their surprise.

Think about where you want to be in six months from now. Heck, imagine where you could be just one month from now (with three patterns already made).

Do you have a step-by-step plan to help you get there?

If you're ready to stop messing around with your patterns and want to learn how to draft and fit patterns that make people happy, then Flat Patternmaking Bootcamp is going to be the online course that changes everything for you.


I've never drafted a pattern before!


You’ll fit in with 99% of our other students… one established designer (that we know of) quietly enrolled into our program. Everybody else has never drafted a pattern before in their life!

We had them drafting their first pattern in their second week. If they can do it, so can you. We created this with total beginners in mind and included them as beta testers.

I don't have enough time!


Can you carve out 20 mins a day, or 2-4 hours a week?

That’s like half an episode of your favorite show.

I bet if you looked at your day, you could find a few minutes to pursue your own interests.

And if you need to take a break during the course (for work/family/school), it’ll wait for you. You won’t lose access to the program.

I'm afraid this won't work for me!

Oh sweetie, we totally understand the hesitation when you want something so bad but don’t believe it will work for you.

That’s the beauty of our program. It takes you step by step, so you learn and build on your skills while practicing them.

We don’t just throw a bunch of stuff at you. Each module and lesson has a goal and helps you learn how to do a specific skill, even if you’re totally new.

Still have questions?

Search our frequently asked questions down below and see if we answered it there. 🙂

Start Today!


10 modules of video lessons

Bonus #1- How to Price Your Designs

Bonus #2- The Top 10 Bestselling Patterns

Bonus #3- Fashion Croquis for your Designs

Bonus #4- Capsule Wardrobe Planner

Private Facebook Group

This course is amazing! I’m so happy I’m in it. I’ve been wanting to draft my own patterns for so long.


satisfaction guarantee, 100 satisfaction, seal

Our Happiness Guarantee

**We have a 7 day refund policy for the course. So you can go through the course, do the action steps, and if you don’t learn anything new we’ll gladly refund and unenroll you. We want this course to help you become a confident pattern maker, with resources you can reference whenever you need help on your journey.**

What Happens After You Join The Program

After you enroll, you’ll get an email with your receipt and you’ll be added to the program. Check your email for links to the course, it will be with the same email you wrote down when you invested in it.

Education Designed for Your Needs

Oh, and did we mention.. every video has closed captions that are 99.9% accurate.

And there’s pdf printouts for all the pattern drafts, so you can draft along with us.

Start and stop when you need to. Pause and rewind when you want.

Join our private Facebook group and get help. Chances are high that someone has had the same questions as you.

Class Starts Now

We’ll work together to help you learn how to draft your own sewing patterns with flat patternmaking! I have over 17 years experience of flat patternmaking and grading, and will show you the tricks to get a great fit and fix your common fit issues.

You’ll grow your skills in patternmaking and be able to fix fit issues for your clients and family. Imagine being able to make your own patterns instead of having to spend time searching for one that you like!

Our beta testers wanted to make custom sized patterns, so we included a module to help you achieve that goal faster.


Lifetime Access to Your Materials

You get to keep Flat Patternmaking Bootcamp for as long as Creative Bootcamp exists!

You also get future updates for free!

Psst.. we’ve been around for awhile, and we’re not going anywhere. This is our passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of patternmaking. No previous experience required.

We had over 60 students go through the initial rounds of testing the course before it was even launched and help us add lessons to help you reach your goals. Their feedback helped shape the course. Including a deaf student that helped us make sure it was accessible to all kinds of students and their learning styles.

Our students included homesewers, aspiring designers, business owners, tailors, grandmas, mothers and much more. This class has something for everyone!

You’ll be able to take your own custom measurements (and custom sizes for clients). You’ll start by making the common pattern blocks you need for the foundation of ANY pattern. You also have the standard measurements if you want to make commercial patterns and sizing.

This is exactly what you would learn in a college course, plus we add extra modules that help you customize your patterns, price your designs and turn this into a career if you desire. We give you real-life options to apply your skills and ideas to help you grow your business. You save over $40,000 on paying tuition for design school.

The course starts today and ends in 8 weeks! It is a completely self-paced online course – you can decide when you start. You can do the lessons with just 20 mins a day, if you want to develop a schedule. Don’t have the time to start right away? No problem, start when you want. It’ll wait for you, and you’ll lock in this price before it goes up.

How does forever sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. As long as Creative Bootcamp exists, you’ll have unlimited access to your courses. You’ll also get ALL future upgrades for FREE to your courses. We’ve been around for awhile and this is our full-time job, so we’re not going anywhere.

If that is your goal, this course will help you. You will need a few more steps to get your patterns ready for sale, but drafting is the hardest part of that process. We plan on offering a module or marketing course to those interested in selling their patterns and getting them ready for that. That’s a different ballgame, but you’re well on your way to doing that! This is the first step.

Yes! We went through and made sure it is 99.9% accurate with the captions. You can follow along and pause when you need. If you’re a visual learner, we also have pdf print-outs to help you follow along with the videos.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you complete the action steps and haven’t learned anything new, contact us in the first 7 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund.

In the first few lessons we go over all the materials you need and multiple options for your budget and goals. You’ll mostly use rulers, pencils and paper. We give you standard measurements, so you don’t even need those beforehand!

Fashion Design Bootcamp teaches you how to think like a designer, get inspired, illustrate your designs, make templates to send to your patternmakers and how to set up your website and portfolios. It helps you set yourself apart and show off your designs to your growing audience. It teaches you everything about being a fashion designer, except how to draft patterns.

Flat Patternmaking Bootcamp teaches you how to draft sewing patterns, by creating the most common blocks that you’ll use to draft ANY kind of pattern. You’ll learn all about patterns, how to fix pattern fit issues and how to communicate to patternmakers if you decide to hire out for your future designs.

Ready to get the highest level of help? You’ll want to apply for our Design Incubator program. You’ll learn everything in both programs and then some. We’ll help you get set you up on your design journey and show you how to succeed as a designer.


Hi! I’m Rachel, the designer and patternmaker for Golden Rippy sewing patterns and blog. I have over 13+ years of experience as a Head Designer, and over 23+ years of sewing and tailoring.

I’m also a best-selling author and international designer. My designs have been featured in magazines worldwide. I have degrees in Fashion Design and Production, and in Business Management. I love keeping up with current and future trends and technology. 

All of my courses are the results of requests by my audience and are always put through testing phases with real students to make sure it helps you accomplish your goals. I believe you can succeed with the right guidance and support.

So excited to get to know you and I’m excited to see what you create in this course!

I’m very excited about the material and really want to master these skills.
Thank you!


**We have a 7 day refund policy for the course. So you can go through the course, do the action steps, and if you don’t learn anything new we’ll gladly refund and unenroll you. We want this course to help you become a confident pattern maker, with resources you can reference whenever you need help on your journey.**

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