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Benefits in the book

Find your muse

Discover the no-fail ways to find your inspiration whenever you need it.

Learn how to draw like an illustrator

You'll learn how to draw and sketch your designs, even if you can't draw.

Train your eye like a designer

Find out how to think like one, and discover how other designers started out.

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Stop waiting for your muse to feel inspired and call them up whenever you need. You don’t have to struggle with your confidence in your design skills anymore.

If you’re feeling stagnant and unsure of how to move forward with your dreams and goals, you’re going to love this.

Come join over 600 of my students who have used my systems to illustrate, design, draft, and sew their creations.

The same systems I used to create dozens of patterns that have generated thousands in passive sales and attracted over 5,000 fans.

More people are shopping online, and I want to give you the tools to get your designs online and in front of their eyes.

The “How-To” is revealed in my latest book…

The Fashion Design Bootcamp Book – Tools for Aspiring Designers to Set Themselves Apart From the Crowd

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About Author

Rachel Hunsaker

Rachel is the designer and patternmaker for Golden Rippy. She has over 10+ years of experience as a Head Designer, and over 21+ years of sewing and tailoring.

She’s also a best-selling author and international designer. Rachel has degrees in Fashion Design and Production, as well as Business Management.

"I’m offering my students a peek into the creative process and providing advice on how to stand out and succeed from the crowd. Let me help you become a strong designer!"

fashion design bootcamp

We walk you through all aspects of the fashion design process

Because your time is valuable. You’ll get all the resources in one place to help you start. You could spend days scouring the internet for all of this, or you could save yourself some time and get started!

Inside, you will discover:

✔️The quickest way to grow your skills and start designing in as little as 14 days…

✔️Never run out of inspiration…Discover the no-fail ways to find your inspiration whenever you need it…

✔️You’ll learn how to draw and sketch your designs, even if you can’t draw…

✔️How to think like a designer and train your eye, and discover how other designers started out…

Oh yes I did, I give you my actual templates that I use to illustrate, design and market my creations so that you can start getting your designs online RIGHT NOW!