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The Designers’ Sanctuary provides aspiring fashion designers with expert guidance, community support, and exclusive resources to fast-track their journey to a profitable and fulfilling business with passive income streams.

Still wondering if you can make a real income with fashion design? But not sure how to do that?

Let us show you how.

You’re ready to make consistent income with your designs, but don’t know where to begin. 

Say goodbye to the time-consuming struggle of figuring it all out solo.



If any of these statements have you going, “What the heck is going on, get out of my head!?” then keep reading – you’re in the right place, lovely 🙂

Zero Prior Experience Required

This is tailor-made for you:

Even if you’ve never taken a fashion design course or went to fashion design school.

Even if you lack experience in patternmaking and you’re bad at drawing.

Even if have no consistent income streams yet from your designs.

Even if you don’t have loads of time to take off to implement this.

Even if you don’t have a fashion design business yet (or you have one but it’s not growing the way you want).


Now imagine the possibility of generating a month’s salary in just 48 hours through a single sale!

What if you could build a business that not only sustains you and your family but also grants you the flexibility to craft a career on your terms? 

Imagine the freedom of working from home or anywhere your adventures take you.

Consider the prospect of creating a design once and reaping the rewards for years to come. Your designs becoming timeless, circulating in the online market, bringing continuous income.

Think about the pride your family and friends will feel, boasting about your patternmaking prowess to everyone they know.

The Designers’ Sanctuary program opens up a world where these aspirations become your reality.

… Where you can create your dream lifestyle and business.

But you've heard the stories about Fashion Design being hard and you're hesitant. You're asking yourself questions like...

  • What if my designs don’t fit and I don’t know how to fix them?
  • What if I’m horrible at drawing and can only make stick figures?
  • What happens if no one likes my designs?
  • How will I ever be able to draft patterns on my computer?
  • What if I’m horrible at designing and everything turns out wrong?
  • What if I’ve never designed before and don’t have time to go back to college to learn how?
  • How will I know that my designs are done and don’t need anymore fixing?
  • How do I market my fashion business?
  • How can I attract my dream clients and grow?
  • Can you really earn a full-time income with fashion design (working from home)?
  • What if I don’t have a trust fund to bankroll my fashion business?

I understand the potential questions and uncertainties that arise when venturing into fashion design, especially if it’s your first time. 

Without a clear plan, the risk of making critical mistakes, feeling discouraged, and never completing your first pattern looms large. Progress can seem elusive without the right guidance and support.

That’s precisely why I’ve developed the Designer’s Sanctuary, a step-by-step program tailored to guide you through the intricacies of growing a fashion design business from home, providing the support and structure needed to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your progress in the world of fashion design.



An online program and community where you’ll learn exactly how to set up and grow a six-figure fashion design business from home, with passive income streams.

Rachel’s training is out of this world amazing! 

Filled with incredible value and insights you won’t find anywhere else! 

It already transformed my patternmaking business!



  • You’re constantly worrying about inconsistent income in your business and perhaps financial instability.
  • You’re feeling stuck in your career and with limited opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • You’re struggling to balance creative work with admin tasks and client management.
  • You’re doubting your abilities and questioning whether you can truly succeed in the fashion industry.
  • You’re feeling isolated and lacking a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
  • You’re struggling to reach a broader audience and expand your brand’s visibility in the market.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of running a fashion design business and don’t know where to start.
  • You just wish you had a blueprint to build a successful business.


  • You’ve got a steady stream of passive income from various sources within your fashion business.
  • You have more time to focus on creative work and innovation, thanks to streamlined processes and support systems.
  • You are experiencing growth and expansion opportunities, with a clear path for advancing your career.
  • You have confidence in your skills and talents, knowing you have the tools and resources to succeed.
  • You’re part of a supportive community of fellow designers within the Designers’ Sanctuary , filled with encouragement and collaboration opportunities.
  • You’re reaching a wider audience and increasing your brand’s visibility globally.
  • You receive personalized guidance and mentorship, reducing your overwhelm and have clarity on how to navigate the fashion design industry.


 The Designers’ Sanctuary contains everything you need to quickly set up and grow your fashion business.



Inclusion #1: Welcome Flourish Kit

Welcome to THE DESIGNERS’ SANCTUARY. In this section, you will understand everything included with your membership.

You’ll receive our exclusive Welcome Flourish Kit, a digital treasure trove brimming with essential resources, insider insights, and tools that set the stage for your fashion business to flourish.

So that you can hit the ground running in the Inner Circle.

  • Get started immediately in growing your business with a clear path to guide you on your fashion design journey with us.  
  • As a new Inner Circle member, the digital welcome kit is your go-to resource that gives you all the essential information, tools, and exclusive content you need to kickstart your journey with us. 
  • It’s designed to help you quickly get acquainted with the community, understand what we offer, and feel a warm sense of belonging as you embark on this exciting adventure.


Inclusion #2: Access to the Expert

Dive into the world of fashion with our Expert Live Dive-ins

You’ll receive two enlightening Live sessions every month, offering direct access to industry experts and empowering discussions.

So that you can propel your fashion business to new heights.

With this inclusion, you NEVER have to be stumped for long. Ask our experts!

  • You’ll get 2x monthly Deep-Dive lives, or private podcast episodes.
  • So you can implement a new strategy into your business quickly that will help you grow your PASSIVE INCOME. 
  • Engage in real-time with the expert through live broadcasts, connect with others, interact, and get immediate feedback.
  • Can’t attend? Ask your questions ahead of time!


Inclusion #3:  Inner Circle Sanctuary

You’ll receive an invite to join our private Designers’ Sanctuary Group on Facebook, an Inner Circle hub where you’ll connect, share, and learn alongside like-minded designers.

So that you can nurture your growth and spark creative collaborations.

Access is only available for current members.

  • Join a space where you can learn, grow, and thrive within a community of individuals who understand and share your journey.
  • Think of it as your place for networking, sharing ideas, receiving feedback, accountability, staying inspired, and accessing valuable industry insights.


Inclusion #4: Monthly Momentum Building Kits

You’ll receive Monthly Skill-Building Kits tailored to current business trends. Packed with all the proven strategies, templates, and prompts that you need to plug and play today. We call these Monthly Momentum kits because of how much they move your business forward

So you can amplify your business skills, accelerating your journey toward prosperity.

You’ll get current business skills or strategies (with all the templates and prompts) that worked in my business that can help you grow quickly. 

One new one every month!

  • So you can implement a profit-making strategy in a weekend to grow your audience and passive income. 
  • First, we delve into the behind-the-scenes and I show you how it worked. Then you immediately turn around and implement it into your fashion business with all the templates you need.
  • Just implementing these bite-sized skills each month will leave you with 12 awesome foundations in your business by the end of the year. You’ll be light years ahead of your competition!


Inclusion #5:  Call Recordings

You’ll receive access to past live call recordings, ensuring that the wisdom shared during these interactive sessions remains at your fingertips, enriching your learning and growth.

So that you never miss a gem of wisdom, empowering you to integrate expert insights seamlessly into your journey.

  • So you can go back and reference a call you submitted a question to, in case you miss a live call.
  • Because we understand sometimes life happens. No worries! Go back and watch it on your time.
  • These will be Facebook lives, Zooms or private podcast episodes.


Inclusion #6:  Free ticket to Live Events

You’ll receive a free ticket to our Live Events. 

Experience the excitement firsthand with a VIP Pass to our Inner Circle Live Gatherings. 

So that you can connect with others, learn new skills from the experts, exchange insights, and form lasting connections with fellow designers on a similar path.

  • So you can network with other designers, check out the booths, learn from our guest speakers, and feel invigorated in your business.

  • These are amazing opportunities to grow and learn together.


Inclusion #7:  Challenge of the Month

Rise as a trendsetter with our monthly Challenges. 

You’ll receive cutting-edge prompts and hashtags, elevating your designs and positioning you at the forefront of fashion innovation.

So that you can make waves in the fashion world.

  • Feel free to sketch it, draft a pattern or design a fabric pattern based on the prompt… depending on where you are in your fashion design journey.
  • So you can stay current and fresh in your business and ahead of the trends.
  • These are totally optional, but they help give you fresh ideas when you’re feeling stuck.


Inclusion #8:  Access to our catalog of Fashion Design Courses

Unlock the Fashion Alchemy Library, where courses are your treasure.

You’ll receive the ability to unlock a new course each month, enabling you to access a curated catalog of past and future courses, refining your skills and uncovering the magic behind fashion success.

So that you can access continuous learning and skill mastery as you need it.

This includes previous and future courses.

  • So you can learn from our catalog of courses covering… Digital Patterns, Flat Patternmaking, Digital Fabric Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration and more!

I’ve been sewing on and off for a few years, but I was intimidated by patterns because I know most involve some sort of alteration or another. 

But now I can expand my skill set! Thanks!



Bonus #1- Women's Digital Pattern Blocks (sizes 2-24)*

Full set of professionally designed, industry standard digital pattern blocks, so you can start designing your patterns NOW. In sizes 2-24, includes all the pattern pieces for each size! VALUE: over $2000

Bonus #2- Full YEAR of support*

Full year of support, so you can ask questions & get help while you hit milestones and level up. Get unstuck in your business. Coaching VALUE: $5000

Bonus #3- All Fashion Alchemy Courses Unlocked*

No need to wait for us to unlock your next course, get everything in the Fashion Alchemy Library unlocked NOW, so you can upgrade your skills as soon as you want to. Learn from our catalog of courses covering… Digital Patterns, Flat Patternmaking, Digital Fabric Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration and more! *Bonuses available for annual members

I can’t believe it, someone wants to buy my design company! I actually have a bidding war. 

Thank you so much for teaching me how to sew and how to make patterns! I’m already thinking of my second business!




8 Inclusions

Bonus #1- Women’s Digital Pattern Blocks (sizes 2-24)

Bonus #2- Full YEAR of Support

Bonus #3- ALL courses unlocked in Fashion Alchemy Library

Private Facebook Group


(Buy 10 months, get 2 FREE)

(save $1000 before price goes up)



8 Inclusions

Unlock 1 New Course a Month

Private Facebook Group





($97/monthly option)

Normally $197/month

You can do this program from anywhere in the world, in your home, and on your own schedule.

Complete the program and course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, in your jammies, as long as you have an internet connection! The entire program is digital so you can access it anywhere through your private membership portal.

We understand life happens. If during your membership you need to pause and live your life, no worries, the challenges, kits, dive-ins and more will be there when you get back, you don’t even have to ask. You don’t lose access with an active membership.

Enroll today in the Designers’ Sanctuary.

Worried you don't have enough time to build your business and add passive income?

Every one of our members is on their own journey. Whether you fly through it in the 12 weeks, or need to take a little longer, that's okay.

Some of our members have finished entire sections in one day, but we recommend setting aside 4-6 hours a week to go through the program.

Worried about finding an hour a day? That’s skipping one Netflix show a night. Would you be willing to do that so you can grow your dream business? While others are #BedRotting, you can be creating your dream lifestyle!

Our little tweaks and quick actions add up over time!

Once you invest in the program, it's waiting for you in your membership portal. You're able to access it on your own time and won't lose access to it with a current membership.


Pattern Grading Mastery

Learn and practice pattern grading techniques, ensuring your designs fit a range of body types and sizes, thereby expanding your customer base and increasing sales potential.

Sustainable Business Blueprinting

Develop a sustainable business plan tailored to your fashion brand, integrating eco-friendly practices, ethical sourcing, and responsible production methods to align with modern consumer values and enhance brand reputation.

Streamlined Production Process

Streamline your production process by optimizing workflow, implementing efficient manufacturing techniques, and leveraging technology to reduce lead times and increase productivity, enabling you to meet demand and scale your business effectively.

Custom Pattern Design Creation

Design and create custom patterns for your fashion line, allowing you to offer unique and exclusive designs to your customers, thereby setting your brand apart in a competitive market and attracting discerning clientele.

Make it once, sell it forever

Develop evergreen products that have timeless appeal and can be sold repeatedly without becoming outdated, thereby maximizing profitability and generating consistent revenue streams for your fashion business.

Automated Marketing Strategies

Set up and optimize automated marketing strategies, such as email automation, social media scheduling, and targeted advertising campaigns, to reach your target audience effectively, drive traffic to your online store, and boost sales conversions effortlessly.

6 months from now you'll wish you started today...

There has never been a better time to start a fully remote, online fashion design business!

Why not start today instead of waiting 6 months (or a year) for enrollment to open again?

Starting now will allow you to:

  • Make patterns for yourself and customers
  • Grow your skills confidently and charge what you’re worth
  • Impress your family and friends with a skill very few people have
  • Grow your online fashion design business and global following
  • Create passive income streams in your business and gain more freedom

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are today, and 6 months from now you’ll wish you started today.

How do I know if I'm ready for this program?

You are ready to take this course if:

  • You want to draft patterns for yourself, your family, or to sell.
  • You get requests from people to turn your designs into patterns but you don’t feel confident yet to design digitally on your own.
  • You are searching for a new marketable skill to learn, that you can take anywhere with you even if you move.
  • You’re interested in making a career out of pattern making and designing.
  • You don’t have time to go back to a traditional college but want the same lessons and better outcome than a traditional school.
  • You want to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing and has degrees in both Business, and Fashion Design and Production.
You are NOT ready to take this course if:
  • You are unwilling to learn new skills and practice those skills.
  • You don’t really have anything motivating you to make extra money or grow your business.
  •  You like to complain a lot and don’t want to try anything new.
  • You have zero interest in gaining a skill that is in high demand.
  • You don’t like receiving emails from fans about how excited they are to sew your patterns.
  • You don’t like the idea of making pattern sales in your sleep or while you’re watching movies.
  • You don’t want a business that can pay the rent/mortgage with just a 48 hour weekend sale and sending out three emails.

If You’re Ready to Level Up

This will work for you.

You know what brought you here. 

You know the desire in your heart that led you to learn how to build and grow your fashion business 

Whether it’s being able to make custom patterns for that family member (or yourself) that is hard to fit, or making a flexible career out of this that lets you choose your own hours.

Let us show you how.

YOU'VE GOT TWO OPTIONS HERE... You can continue navigating the complexities of the fashion industry on your own, spending countless hours scouring the internet for tutorials and piecing together information from various sources in hopes of advancing your design skills. -OR- You could join the Designers' Sanctuary Inner Circle and swiftly elevate your fashion business by accessing expert guidance and resources tailored to your needs, empowering you to confidently create and market your own designs in just a matter of weeks! We've witnessed complete novices making significant progress within the first few weeks, surprising even themselves with their newfound abilities. Imagine where you could be in six months from now. Better yet, envision the possibilities just one month from today, with your business already gaining momentum and several designs in the works. Do you have a clear, step-by-step plan to guide you toward your goals? If you're ready to stop struggling with your fashion business and are eager to learn how to design digitally while effectively marketing your creations online, then the Designers' Sanctuary Inner Circle is the program that will revolutionize your approach. This is the ONLY platform that provides comprehensive instruction on digital design across multiple devices, including Mac, PC, and iPad. And the best part? You won't need to invest in expensive, cumbersome design software. The tools we recommend are accessible on all three platforms. Plus, they're incredibly affordable. So when you're ready to take your fashion brand to new heights, you'll have the flexibility to design anywhere, even while waiting at the doctor's office, using your iPad. No other program offers such comprehensive training across all three platforms!


I've never drafted a pattern before!


You’ll fit in with 96% of our other students… one established designer (that we know of) quietly enrolled into our programs. Everybody else has never drafted patterns before in their life!

We had them drafting their first pattern in their second week. If they can do it, so can you. We created this with total beginners in mind and included them as beta testers.

Whether you want to learn flat patternmaking, or digital patterns and grading… we got you.

I don't have enough time!

Can you carve out 30-60 mins a day, or 4-6 hours a week?

That’s like an episode of your favorite show.

I bet if you looked at your day, you could find a few minutes to pursue your own interests.

Little progress adds up over time. We show you how to make tweaks in your business that will make a big difference as you grow.

And if you need to take a break during the program (for work/family/school), it’ll still be there for you. You won’t be behind or lose progress with an active membership.

I'm afraid this won't work for me!

Oh sweetie, we totally understand the hesitation when you want something so bad but don’t believe it will work for you.

We had the same mind blocks and self doubt when we first started.

But that’s the beauty of our program. It takes you step by step, so you learn and build on your skills while practicing them.

We don’t just throw a bunch of stuff at you. Each module and lesson has a goal and helps you learn how to do a specific skill, even if you’re totally new.

We made building blocks to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Still have questions?

Search our frequently asked questions down below and see if we answered it there. 🙂



8 Inclusions

Bonus #1- Women’s Digital Pattern Blocks (sizes 2-24)

Bonus #2- Full YEAR of Support

Bonus #3- ALL courses unlocked in Fashion Alchemy Library

Private Facebook Group


(Buy 10 months, get 2 FREE)

(save $1000 before price goes up)



8 Inclusions

Unlock 1 New Course a Month

Private Facebook Group





($97/monthly option)

Normally $197/month

In the two patterns I have made before this program, I have had to spend an extensive amount of time researching what terms mean and how to do things that the pattern assumes you already know.

This is so much easier. Thank you!


satisfaction guarantee, 100 satisfaction, seal

Our Happiness Guarantee

**We have a 7 day refund policy for the program. So you can go through the program, do the action steps, and if you don’t learn anything new we’ll gladly refund and un-enroll you. We want this program to help you become a confident fashion designer, with resources you can reference whenever you need help on your journey.**

What Happens After You Join The Program

After you enroll, you’ll get an email with your receipt and you’ll be added to the program. Check your email for links to the program, it will be with the same email you wrote down when you invested in it.

Education Designed for Your Needs

Did we mention, there’s pdf printouts, design templates to use for your patterns and your sewing pdfs and more! We also give you promo templates for when you’re ready to advertise.

Start and stop the videos when you need to. Pause and rewind when you want.

Join our private Facebook group and get help when you need it. Chances are high that someone has had the same questions as you.

Class Starts Now

We’ll work together to help you create your own digital sewing patterns, that you can sell online and in your shop. I have over 17 years experience of fashion design and business management, and will show you the quick steps you need to take to get your designs out fast and selling in your shop.

You’ll grow your skills in digital patternmaking and see your designs printed on paper.

Imagine being able to design your own patterns once and sell them over and over again. That’s the beauty of digital patterns. You make it once, and can resell it as many times as you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Well hiring someone just to make your pattern blocks would cost over $2000.

Taking the college courses you would need to get all these skills would cost $64,800 for your degree in Fashion, and $127,000 for your Business degree.

You would spend 6-8 years in college and still not know how to put all this together, since they don’t teach these business strategies tailored to your fashion business.

And the total VALUE of all the training, bonuses, and templates in the program is worth over…  TOTAL VALUE: $193,797

But you can enroll today for just $97/month for 12 months  (Or one payment of $997)

** Bonuses available to annual members that enroll for a year.

Absolutely! We designed the program to meet you wherever you are on your fashion design journey. Whether you are a novice designer or seasoned, you’ll be able to learn a a thing or two.

We help new designers get ALL the skills they need to create a fashion design business, including drafting, ilustrating, grading and more. We also help established designers find more ways to add revenue streams to their current business and have more effective ways of marketing and growing their brand.

No worries! Everyone of us gets imposter syndrome and self doubt every now and then. That’s why it’s so important to have cheerleaders in your corner…helping you overcome the roadblocks and mental blocks as you grow.

We’ll be there helping you, whenever you get stuck. All you need to do is ask!

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program – across any and all devices you own. As long as you’re an active member, you’ll have unlimited access to this program and your unlocked courses. You’ll also get ALL future upgrades for FREE to your courses, while you’re a member.

However, it isn’t lifetime access. We don’t believe in being course junkies and buying courses we’ll never use or forget to finish. So this program is made to keep you engaged as you grow your business. As such, it requires an Annual or Monthly membership to access it, so we can continually upgrade it for you.

We know everyone has different budgets. You DON’T need a software subscription for this! If you already have fancy design software, awesome, use that. If you don’t, then we’ll tell you about free software that does the exact same thing. However, I will show you the exact software that I use in the videos and for my own designs. You’ll also need a scanner or phone to take pictures. That’s pretty much it!

And you’ll need a good attitude! 🙂

It’s completely up to you. No pressure here.

But, full disclosure, you won’t get access to the current bonuses on this page (we do change our bonuses and raise our prices).

You’re also not guaranteed to join at this rate. Our prices are normally $197/month or $1997/year.

If you like the bonuses you see on this page, lock them in and join. You won’t find better pricing if you wait around.

It’s ongoing! Jump in and join us and see what’s been happening before you were here.

Basically, the program doesn’t start and end. It’s an ongoing community that you can access with your active membership.

It’ll only continue to grow. We have ideas for trendsetter challenges for years!

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you complete the action steps and haven’t learned anything new, contact us in the first 7 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund.


Hi! I’m Rachel, the designer and patternmaker for Golden Rippy sewing patterns and blog. I have over 13+ years of experience as a Head Designer, and over 23+ years of sewing and tailoring.

I’m also a best-selling author and international designer. My designs have been featured in magazines worldwide. I have degrees in Fashion Design and Production, and in Business Management, and have run 100% online businesses for over a decade. I love keeping up with current and future trends and technology. 

All of my courses and programs are the results of requests by my audience and are always put through testing phases with real students to make sure it helps you accomplish your goals. I believe you can succeed with the right guidance and support.

So excited to get to know you and I’m excited to see what you create in this Sanctuary!

Just a recap,
here's what you'll get...

  • A digital treasure trove brimming with essential resources, insider insights, and tools that set the stage for your fashion business to flourish
  •  Access to industry experts and empowering discussions 
  • All the proven strategies, templates, and prompts that you need to plug and play today
  • New Monthly Challenges with Cutting-edge prompts and hashtags, elevating your designs and positioning you at the forefront of fashion innovation
  • A curated catalog of past and future courses, refining your skills and uncovering the magic behind fashion success
  • A Free VIP Pass to our Inner Circle Live Gatherings
  • How to amplify your business skills, accelerating your journey toward prosperity

BONUS… Access to the ONLY Fashion Design Community taught by a designer with degrees in Fashion Design and Production, and a Business Management degree. So you can learn from someone whose learned from the best in both industries (fashion and business). Her mentors worked for Disney, Covergirl, Fortune 500s, Olympic Athletes, Banana Republic and so much more. Gems from all their courses and teachings are integrated into the Fashion Alchemy Library! Implement these industry secrets to grow your own business!

Seriously, your videos are awesome! 

Not only for the commentary, but they are super helpful. I wouldn’t have been able to draft the bodice without it… I tried.