Start designing sewing patterns in 3 days!

What if you could design, digitize and print your own patterns in less than a weekend?

With Weekend Patternmaker, there’s no need for buying patterns that don’t fit.  No need to waste months learning how to draft. You’ll learn how to draft your own digital patterns in 3 days or less, and digitize them that same weekend!

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If any of these statements have you going, “What the heck is going on, get out of my brain!?” then keep reading – you’re in the right place, lovely 🙂

What if there was a way to learn how to quickly draft patterns, so you could create endless patterns for yourself, family/friends and your business?

That’s EXACTLY why I created The Weekend Patternmaker.

Cut out the fluff and learn everything in one weekend with me. I’ve been drafting for decades and have it down to a streamlined process.

Imagine being able to draft your first pattern, create a digital copy you can print, send to your manufacturer, or sell to your customers!

Here's what happens when you join The Weekend Patternmaker...

  • Watch over my shoulder and draft a quick pattern with me in less than 10 minutes.
  • Access the resource guide to sign up for the same software I use when designing.
  • Learn my tricks for quickly digitizing your patterns (for free), and watch me demonstrate 2 easy methods.
  • Download your workbook to follow along our weekend journey, complete with a workflow you can use on ALL your patterns.
  • And lastly, know how to troubleshoot your pattern in the computer or on your iPad.
  • I’ve taught hundreds of students how to draft patterns, even complete beginners. It’s your turn!

Right now, you’re struggling with knowing where to start. You have amazing ideas but don’t know the process to get them into digital patterns you can use globally for all your current and future goals.


You could follow along with an international designer as she walks you through the EXACT process you NEED to create your patterns.

Watching and learning as she demonstrates how and why she does things, so you learn her SHORTCUTS and can REPLICATE her pattern for yourself!

Whether you dream of creating one of a kind creations that sell for thousands…

Designing custom Wedding dresses that can pay your rent/mortgage for multiple months…

Emailing your patterns to your manufacturer over seas, and saving time and money but not needing to hire a patternmaker with multiple revisions…

What would it feel like to know that you could create an entire custom wardrobe for yourself, your family and any clients that approach you – no matter what size they are?

Imagine selling your custom designs to your fans and knowing that you have a skill that most people don’t have, and that you can get work just through word of mouth.

Think about how your family and friends will be super impressed and how they’ll brag about your pattern making skills to everyone they know.

You CAN create endless patterns for yourself and your business!



A 3 day, self-paced online course where you’ll learn exactly how to create your first pattern and digitize it, so you can repeat this process for all your future patterns.


Hey, I'm Rachel

I’m the designer and patternmaker for Golden Rippy sewing patterns and blog. I have over 17+ years of experience as a Head Designer, and over 27+ years of sewing and tailoring.

I’m also a best-selling author and international designer. My designs have been featured on runways and in magazines worldwide. I have degrees in Fashion Design and Production, and in Business Management. I love keeping up with current and future trends, and technology. 

Follow along with me as I take you through your first complete pattern, from drafting to digitizing it in 3 days or less.
I created Weekend Patternmaker so you can quickly get started designing, and stop waiting and wondering what to do next.
Can’t wait to see you in class!


 The Weekend Patternmaker contains everything you need to quickly draft and digitize your first pattern.



Welcome to Weekend Pattern maker. In this 3 day course, you will develop the basic techniques that we use to draft and digitize patterns.

  • Intro Video- explaining the 3 day course
  • Printable workbook for the course- So you can see recreate the workflow for future patterns.
  • Resources- Save over $660 with the resources listed in here.
  • Suggestions for software to save you time and money.
($660 VALUE)


In this lesson, you will learn how to create your first pattern in one day with me, even if you’re a total beginner. Watch over my shoulder and draft along with me. By the end of the lesson, you will have drafted your first pattern!

  • Draft a pattern with me in less than a half hour.
  • Video tutorial for you to follow along.
  • Discover the joy in making a pattern
  • Impress your friends and family with your new skill!
($100 Value- for a One Day workshop)


In this lesson, you’ll take your pattern from the previous day and be able to scan and digitize it. Designers pay upwards off $150 per pattern to get them digitized, so think of how much you’ll save being able to quickly do this and not waiting in a digitizer’s queue!

  • Digitize your patterns like a PRO.
  • Discover your options for digitizing, without giant CAD equipment and software.
  • Save time being able to do this quickly for yourself.
  • Follow along with the video tutorial.
($150 Value- per pattern you want digitized) 


In this module, you’ll upload your digitized pattern and correct it in the computer or on your tablet/iPad. This skill earns me over $200 an hour to do this for other designers when I ghost-draft for them. 

So far, it would cost you over $450 for me to draft, digitize and correct this pattern I’m teaching you this weekend! But you’ll be able to do it all by yourself and not wait in my queue.

  • STEAL the same workflow I use to draft ALL my patterns
  • Be confident when correcting your Patterns, by watching me show you how to do it the right and easy way.
  • Rewatch and pause the video tutorial as you create your own.
(Worth $200 per hour)


Congrats on finishing! In this BONUS section you’ll discover your next steps.

  • Bonuses to help you along your fashion design journey
  • Resources you can use now and in the future
  • Troubleshooting tips to help you
(Value $100)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can finish all the lessons in one day if you were feeling adventurous. We break it all down into easy to learn steps so you don’t get overwhelmed. We even make them quick lessons so you don’t get bogged down. This is the course I wish I had when I first started out.

Yes! You’ll see the exact step by step workflow I use for all my patterns. Patterns that have sold thousands of dollars in designs and custom clothing items commissioned. This process is repeatable for all of your creations and goods!

You’re in the perfect place! I’ve taught hundreds of aspiring designers how to make their first set of patterns and they’re always surprised at how easy my process is!

Nope! When I first started designing from home, we were on a tight budget and every dollar counted. So I couldn’t waste money on expensive software or supplies. I’ve created a streamlined process that uses free or affordable options to get started. It’s exactly how I started, but the options are better now. So you can see how you want to grow your business and skills before investing more into them.

I understand, so all the lessons are bite-sized with short videos. No fluff, just what you need to star and grow your skills and business. I started with little ones at home, and could only devote time after dinner to patternmaking and running my business. This course takes less time than bingeing your favorite tv show or series. Heck, it’s shorter than one movie! You really can finish it in one weekend.

How does forever sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. As long as Creative Bootcamp exists, you’ll have unlimited access to your courses. You’ll also get ALL future upgrades for FREE to your courses. We’ve been around for awhile and this is our full-time job, so we’re not going anywhere.

The course starts today and ends in 3 days! It is a completely self-paced online course – you can decide when you start. You can do the lessons with just 10-20 mins a day, if you want to develop a schedule. Don’t have the time to start right away? No problem, start when you want. It’ll wait for you, and you’ll lock in this price before it goes up.

Yes! Let’s pretend you know nothing about patternmaking or digitizing, then you’ll love this weekend class. If you have dabbled in patternmaking or digital design, but aren’t confident yet in your skills, this will help you hone them.

Absolutely! I started this as a hobby because I couldn’t find patterns I wanted. I never dreamed of turning it into a business. I have other students that find it fulfilling to do for themselves as a hobby too! Do what makes you happy! You deserve a hobby that’s fun and enjoyable!

Yes, we do. Check out Creative Bootcamp if you want to learn other aspects of Fashion Design, Production, Illustrating, and Growing your business!

Who Is This For?

the Hobbyist

* Sews for fun
* Uses patterns (paper or digital) for themselves, family or friends
* Wants to make custom designs and clothes
* Could create amazing OOAK costumes, dresses, clothes and accessories
* Enjoys learning new things

Aspiring Designer/Student

* Interested in fashion design
* Learning through books and videos
*Ready to apply what they're learning
*Loves to visually follow along and implement ideas
* Could start building their skills and learn from a professional designer

Business Owner

* Already has customers
*Business is a brick and mortar or online store
* Wants to design for their customers, unique creations, and start to build custom offers for their brand
* Could sell new offers at craft fairs to test out products

This course is amazing! I’m so happy I’m in it. I’ve been wanting to draft my own patterns for so long.


How Do I Enroll in this?

Click on the link to purchase.

Fill in your information (personal and billing) and complete the checkout process. (Use your BEST email address)

You will be emailed receipts and login info (if you’re a new student). Your courses are automatically loaded into your student account and waiting for you.

Access them 24/7 on your own time! Login to your student dashboard and have fun!

What Happens After You Join The Program

After you enroll, you’ll get an email with your receipts and you’ll be added to the program.

 Check your email for links to the course, it will be with the same email you wrote down when you invested in it.

Go at your own pace. Whether that’s over a weekend, or one full day. You keep access to the course after you finish it.

Lifetime Access to Your Materials

You get to keep The Weekend Patternmaker for as long as Creative Bootcamp exists!

You also get future updates for free!

Psst.. we’ve been around for awhile, and we’re not going anywhere. This is our passion.

Our Refund Policy for Weekend Patternmaker

**Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.**

1 week from now you'll wish you started today...

There has never been a better time to start drafting patterns!

Why not start today instead of waiting 6 months (or a year) for enrollment to open again?

Starting now will allow you to:

  • Make custom patterns for yourself and clients
  • Grow your skills confidently and charge what you’re worth
  • Impress your family and friends with a skill very few people have
  • Grow your design and tailoring business

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are today, and 6 months from now you’ll wish you started today.

Now is the time to join!
Lock in the current price, before this price goes up.


A 3 day, self-paced online course where you’ll learn exactly how to create your first pattern and digitize it, so you can repeat this process for all your future patterns.

With Weekend Patternmaker, there’s no need for buying patterns that don’t fit. You’ll learn how to draft your own digital patterns in 3 days or less.

I’m very excited about the material and really want to master these skills.
Thank you!


Our Refund Policy for Weekend Patternmaker

**Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.**

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