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Introduction Copy

When I was little I used to love going to my cousin’s house because she had those little plastic fashion plates. The kind that you put paper over and then rub a crayon over to get the design. I didn’t have those at my house, and I don’t know if I ever asked for them. Eventually, I grew out of those and started designing more things that didn’t use the premade mash together plates. And that’s where croquis come in. I wasn’t that confident when I first started designing, so I used croquis in all of my designs. And it’s perfectly fine to never grow up from them! 😉

A lot of designers start off using them to practice sketching their designs.

I’ve made you several pages worth of curvy croquis that you can use in your designs. In case you want to see what a design looks like on real women. I used real models to get the proportions of REAL women.