Your quick-start guide for the program

There are two main paths in this program. We have one for beginners that want to learn it all. And another one for established designers that want to learn new skills and round out the ones they already have.

Path One: (starting from scratch/total beginner)

If you’re new to Fashion Design, here’s the order of programs for you to go through:

  • Fashion Design Bootcamp (covers design basics, teaches you illustration, and you create a website/portfolio)
  • Flat Patternmaking (draft your pattern blocks)
  • Digital Sewing Patterns (turn your paper blocks into digital patterns you can sell as PDFs)
  • Fabric Design (create your fabrics for your shop)

Path Two: (already established/emerging designers)

Here’s the program order if you’re already established and want to polish your work:

  • Fashion Design Bootcamp (create your signature croquis, and revamp your site or portfolio)
  • And then you can pick the order for the last 3 courses, based on your goals. (ie. Fabric Design, Digital Sewing Patterns, Flat Patternmaking)

Do you want to brush up on design basics and banish your creative blocks? Try Fashion Design Bootcamp

Want to start a fabric shop? Take Fabric Design

Looking to start your own patterns and designs? Start Flat Patternmaking

Ready to make Digital Sewing Patterns to sell? Start Digital Sewing Patterns.

**You can take Flat Patternmaking and Digital Sewing Patterns concurrently. **

Congrats again! We’re happy you’re here!